A training programme designed to optimise your sports performance

4 Core Fitness is the ultimate body workout designed to maximise your fitness and deliver high impact results.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced athlete, 4 Core Fitness is fun, easy to follow and fits perfectly around a busy lifestyle.  It works brilliantly on its own but also as a core compliment to a wide range of sports – all entirely at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home. Join Today!

How does 4 Core Fitness work for you?

Maximise Your Fitness4 CORE FITNESS IS THE ULTIMATE ALL OVER BODY WORKOUT Whatever your sport, a strong scaffold is the key to continuous improvement. 4 CORE FITNESS targets all your core muscle groups, building real strength and stability with a step by step programme and clearly defined exercises. You’ll be amazed at how fast you tone your muscles, and improve your core fitness.
At Your Convenience4 CORE FITNESS FITS AROUND YOUR LIFE We understand that it’s not always easy to get to a gym or to juggle your commitments. 4 CORE FITNESS videos are designed to fit around you – they come in bitesize, 30 minute or less sessions, each designed to give you a complete workout and ensure you always receive the optimum benefit from every session you do. You will also receive two HIIT session and educational videos about how to get the most out from your training
Up To Date SessionsA BRAND NEW SESSION EVERY TWO WEEKS The 4 CORE FITNESS programme evolves as you grow, delivering a new session to your inbox every week. We believe that having fun is an essential part of achieving results and we work hard to build you sessions that are enjoyable, refreshing and deliver every time!
Great ValueALL THIS FOR A FANTASTIC PRICE For just £10 a week, for 8 weeks. You will receive all the benefits of 4 CORE FITNESS and be looking and feeling fitter and more technical in no time. 4 CORE FITNESS is a fun, safe and convenient way to achieve even the toughest fitness goals and it will leave you with a smile on your face as well as a spring in your step.



Roshan Bharos

Dutch national junior squash champion

Nick G

Nick Gracie

Godzone Adventure Team Captain

Karen S testemonial


Regular runner

Michelle F testemonial


From size 16 to size 12

Why 4 Core Fitness?

Training Locations

Training Location
ProTom Fitness - Clifton BS8 2AT - 1:1 Personal Training
Training Location
Vivo Sports - Bristol City - BS1 4SB - Group Personal Training
Training Location
Powersports - Redland BS6 6LE - Group Personal Training
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