Face to face Online Personal Training

Many people prefer working out from home as they might be new to PT or feel more comfortable in their own space. Other clients simply cannot make session times or don’t have transport. After a long days work, heading to the gym after the office can be daunting. Let us train you online!

Book your online trial session here  – £20 with money back guarantee   Use discount code: OPT20

Our prices range between £25 – £40 per session; the price varies depending on your commitment regarding the frequency of your training session. The more you train the less you pay per session!

Time is valuable, let us train you at the comfort of your own home.

We are premium quality personal trainers based in Bristol, UK where we deliver in-person training sessions through our company  ProTom Fitness ltd.

In addition to in-person training, we also deliver live online face-to-face coaching and provide a library of on-demand training videos through our sister company 4 Core Fitness® ltd.
The problem with today’s fitness industry is a lot of coaches use a “one size fits all” approach with little emphasis on correct movement and posture. This is a cheap and easy way of approaching training and whilst it can lead to quick results aesthetically, it also leads to so many injuries!

This is especially prevalent in online coaching/programs where you are provided with a plan and some videos to follow along to- if you do not understand how to move and perform exercise techniques with good form then you are playing Russian roulette with your body and its only a matter of time before you give yourself in injury!
Our approach to coaching is based entirely on you- how do you move? What is your posture like? What injuries have you experienced? What is relevant to you, what is not, are you executing the exercises the right way or not? A trainer with good skills is able to see your strengths and weaknesses and adapt your training sessions accordingly.
There are premium quality coaches out there who share this approach and we understand that most people are looking for a PT close to them. However not everyone is able to access premium quality coaches locally, either because they are too expensive or there aren’t any! If this applies to you then we have a solution- online coaching!
Our online coaching service consists of a training plan tailored to your goals (and available equipment) and live “face-to-face” online PT sessions. The PT sessions are vital for us to assess and improve your posture and technique which will help you get the most out of your training plan, overcome old injuries and avoid future injuries. We also encourage our clients to record themselves performing any exercises they are unsure of and we provide quick constructive feedback.

Are you interested in having a session with us to see how online and remote coaching works?

Our first trial session is £20 with money back guarantee, so you can experience how online coaching works!
After the initial trial session you can still have access to free coaching materials or we can come up with a training plan tailored to your goals and your budget!
We have been training people from all around the world and are rated the 3rd best personal training company in the UK on freeindex
With your online personal training membership, you will receive:
  • Tailor-made diet plan (from a dietitian)
  • Home and gym training plan (interactive plan with visuals)
  • Access to our online membership site for 90 days
  • You will receive a 3Kg medicine ball to be able to do your online training and home work
  • Cooking videos and our healthy recipe books
  • 24/7 access to us and being a member of our closed group on Facebook
  • Video voiceover and technical support when you send us your training video


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