Used by British champion athletes

4 Core Fitness is a tried and tested fitness programme that has an amazing array of health benefits.  Combining targeted weight training using the medicine ball with a high energy and fun workout session means that 4 Core Fitness not only attacks your core, but offer a superb all over body workout.  Whether you are a complete beginner or a trained athlete, 4 Core Fitness can make a real difference to you. Medicine balls are fun to use and we offer over 100 medicine ball specific exercise routines along with body weight training.

Clients that have started training with us can provide testament to this.

For athletes and sports men and women already training in other sports, intensifying the 4 Core Fitness movements and executing the exercises faster really helps build your scaffolding muscles. Whatever your sport, a strong scaffold is the key to continuous improvement and successful performance.

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Each exercise designed in 4 Core Fitness has a message. Some are for stability, some for core strength, some for shoulder and upper body… and on it goes. By bringing you a combination of brand-new, personally designed exercises with the medicine ball, 4 Core Fitness will have you reaching your potential in no time.  And of course, with 4 Core Fitness, you’ll be having fun every step of the way. You have your own personal training team on board to achieve better results in your fitness mission.