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Improve your core stability with our Online Training subscription – 8-Week course.


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Our Online Training subscription – 8-Week course provides weekly training routines for 8 weeks. These training routines are very much connected to each other. You will receive instant access to the course when you make your first payment. Start at week one and ensure you master every move in the session before you move onto the next. Please do not shy away from returning to previous sessions from time to time.

The 4 Core Fitness® training system is not about rushing. Make sure you listen to the trainer’s instruction. Feel free to send us a video of your training for feedback. Our goal is to help; you master all the 4 Core Fitness® moves.

Do not rush the exercises. Make sure you give yourself time in your progression through each move.

You have 7 days to practice and master the exercises in each weekly session. We recommend doing these training routines a minimum of twice weekly, but this really depends on your fitness level, your goal or the sport you are trying to improve on.

Email us to ask a question if you don’t understand an exercise or would like some advice.

To get the most out of this course,e we recommend you purchase a medicine ball! We can provide a personal recommendation for you, just ask! However, there are many bodyweight-only sessions included in our online training so purchasing a medicine ball is not essential.

You will receive the 30-40 min exercise videos with three Tabata (HIIT) High-Intensity-Interval-Training routines and Extra medicine ball routines with educational videos about how to train in the gym environment or at home! We also include previously recorded LIVE QuickFit-HIIT, Tri-planar Kettlebell, Thai Kickboxing Fitness and stretching, videos. You will also receive 2 cooking videos and you can download healthy recipes.

You will be charged weekly for your Online Training subscription – 8-Week course.

Thank you for putting your trust in our service and knowledge!

Enjoy your journey, and if you would like to carry on training and get to your next level, we have a Level 2 course ready for you with more moves and more complex challenges!

Enjoy your sessions!

Tom Lakos and the 4 Core Fitness® Team

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