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Transform Your Core Stability in 8 Weeks with Our Online Course


Introduction: Welcome to our 8-Week Online Fitness Course! Our mission is to seamlessly integrate your upper and lower body through a strong core.

Exclusive Offer: Create an account now and enjoy 7 days of FREE access (cancel anytime). The full course is priced at £80, payable weekly (£10) for 8 weeks. You will have unlimited access to all videos and training for 6 months.

Course Overview: Our 8-Week Fitness Course offers a structured program with daily routines, carefully interconnected for optimal results. Upon your first payment, gain instant access to the course. Progress through each session, mastering every move before advancing. Feel free to revisit previous sessions and ask questions anytime.

The 4 Core Fitness® Approach: This training system isn’t about rushing. Listen to the trainer’s instructions, and don’t hesitate to share videos for personalized feedback. Our goal is to guide you through mastering all the 4 Core Fitness® exercises.

Training Guidelines: Take your time with each exercise; progression is key. You have 7 days to practice and master each session. We recommend a minimum of two or three weekly sessions based on your fitness level, goals, or specific sport.

Support and Modifications: Email us for clarifications or advice on any exercise. We’re happy to modify routines to suit your needs. To enhance your experience, consider investing in a medicine ball, though bodyweight-only sessions are included.

  • you can use a 3-4kg dumbbell instead a medicine ball for these training videos but if you wish you can buy a perfect medicine ball on this LINK HERE

Course Content: Receive 30-40 min exercise videos featuring High Intensity Training and extra medicine ball routines. Access educational content on training at home or in the gym, including QuickFit, Tri-planar Kettlebell, Thai Kickboxing Fitness, stretching videos, and cooking demonstrations with downloadable healthy recipes.

Subscription Details: You’ll be billed weekly for your Online Training subscription, covering the 8-Week course.

Thank You: Thank you for trusting our service and knowledge. Enjoy your fitness journey! If you’re hungry for more challenges, check out our Level 2 course with advanced moves and complexities.


Tom Lakos and the 4 Core Fitness® Team





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