Thank you for considering our 4 Core Fitness membership packages.

Please note the 8 Week membership programme you will receive one  30 – 40 minutes long medicine ball training routine, three high intensity interval training videos with educational training videos and 2 cooking videos with recipe books!  You receive fresh videos every week.

Please consider your fitness level and book an appointment with your 4 Core Fitness online trainer to set your fitness and sport performance goal! Changing the intensity or the weight of the medicine ball is a great way to get noticeable improvement in your fitness.

Medicine ball is essential for the main training routines, please make sure you tick the box when you register if you need a medicine ball and we will send you one!

Please note this is only applicable in the United Kingdom!
8 weeks course
Only £5 weekly (Instant access to the whole Course)
Ten Medicine ball exercises per week with 4 new exercises weekly
Two 30 min Recorded LIVE QuickFIT -HIIT sessions
Two or more interactive gym plan
Long educational videos about training and posture
Cook books with (15 healthy recipes) per wek
Two new healthy cooking videos per week
Option to book LIVE sessions
Full 60 min Thai Kickboxing Fitness videos
24 hours customer support
Annual First
£10 / Week
New training routines every week
15 minutes training videos only
2 HIIT training videos with each routine