Corporate fitness and Group Training

Here at 4 Core Fitness® we offer specialised and tailored fitness assessments for you and
your team, we can work with you to incorporate real and meaningful wellbeing into your
company. Helping you to introduce regular activity and fitness classes, with a specialised
trainer who is able to work to everyone’s needs and abilities as well as injuries and injury

Book a Trial Session – £80  (Within 20 miles of Bristol and Bath) Money back guarantee (7 day)

4 Core fitness® provides employees with practical and accessible workout arrangements

Corporate fitness and Group Training is a modern solution to increasing employee productivity and positivity in the workplace. The importance of keeping fit and healthy is clear. Material available via blogs, documentaries and books etc. give us detailed information on the significant and positive impact that regular exercise and a good diet can have on our bodies and minds as a whole. Learn more: 3 Reasons your cooperation needs physical health solutions

Our educational service caters to all levels of fitness and ability. Our corporate programmes produce focused and productive individuals. Being mindful of our bodies should continue during working hours. Healthy routine and structure help people to manage stress and perform better. It is proven that taking regular breaks from screens and exercise actually stimulates the mind, improving concentration and significantly helping to promote engagement in the workplace, leading to a happier team and better work ethics.

Injuries can even be sustained sitting at your desk, not just from lifting heavy weights! Because of this, it is important to consciously address these factors in the workplace, from desk assessments to health and fitness assessments.

We offer specialised and tailored fitness assessments for you and your team

Introduce regular activity and fitness classes, with a specialised trainer who is able to work to everyone’s needs as well as injuries and training for injury prevention.

We believe that wellness programmes inspire positive behaviour changes in the workplace. A healthy employee is a happy employee and healthy employees mean less sick days and more productivity!

4 Core Fitness® offers your company (list not exhaustive, contact us for more details):

  • Meeting the team – personal and group questionnaire
  • Tailored workout and nutrition plans for each member – through health and fitness assessments
  • Working with injuries
  • Injury prevention
  • Specialist training days/afternoons/sessions
  • Regular training and goal setting
  • Team building/teamwork
  • Online training videos and tailored advice
  • Professional progression monitoring (based on individual and team requirements)
  • Working towards a goal (team/charity event e.g. fun run)
  • Creating or maintaining physical fitness leading to increased mental wellbeing
  • Better focus in the office, due to fun and stimulating workouts resulting in increased engagement levels (on an individual and team level)
  • Public speaking about health and fitness

We create a safe and fun space for regular fitness sessions.

This might be an on-site gym or an outdoor space. Perhaps you want early morning classes, lunchtime breakouts or after work sessions. You might even want one day every month to get your team working and actively engaged. We believe that by investing in the health and fitness of your employees you will see a genuine and meaningful return in self-discipline, engagement, attention to detail and healthy work routines, colleague relationships and team morale. Importantly you will also see an increase in individual mental health, fitness and wellbeing. The corporate sessions with 4 Core Fitness® guarantee variety and fun far beyond an average group workout.

What’s more, as an employer, you are actively encouraging and giving a commitment to your employees to keep them fit and healthy. We take a great deal of care and detail to ensure we look after individual and team needs within a company, offering complete physical workouts that provide evidence-based progression and results. Contact us today for a free consultation and trial session and experience as a team the proven results and positive impact that this can have on your company.
We guarantee a happier, more productive and engaged team when you work with us! Strengthen your workforce.
Book a trial session now.
We also offer these services…
Motovational fitness and diet pubic speaking
Deep tissue massage therapy

Any alternative requests, please contact our team.

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Book a Trial Session – £80

(Within 20 miles of Bristol and Bath) Money back guarantee (7 day)

After the initial trial session, the pricing structure depends on…

  • How many people train
  • What the goal is
  • If sports specific or not
  • If a one off session or on a regular basis

10 -14 people – £10 per person per session

15 -20 people – £9 per person per session

20 or more people – £8 per person per session

Further discounts on contract

  • 3 month contract 5% off
  • 6 month 10% off

Prices reflect the quality of our service. For any queries…

Contact us



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