Roshan Bharos

Hi I am Roshan Bharos, I am Dutch national junior champion squash. I have come to Bristol to pursue my dream, I want to be world nr. 1 squash. I am doing this with the aid of ProTom and the 4 core fitness system. It is very relevant to my sport, because it relates to functional movement. They help me to climb the ladder to the very top and I would like to thank ProTom and 4 core fitness for that


Nick G

Hi my name is Nick Gracie, team captain of  Swoop trail running and the GODZone Adventure Team, we are an adventure racing team, formal world champions in current European adventure racing champion. Live here in Clifton in Bristol and I have been going to Tom’s 4 core fitness classes the last year and a half. Finding it absolutely brilliant, Tom is very enthusiastic, really pushing you to your limits and doesn’t let you slacking off. I have been injury free now since I have been doing the classes, which is great. Really built up a strong core and just great fun. I really enjoy the classes, my most enjoyable training of each week, which s great because I am more of a runner and cyclist, it is nice to actually do something indoors and really enjoy it!

Karen S

“Hi, I’m Karen and I am a regular runner. For months I have had a pain in my hip. After the doctor told me to just take painkillers or wait for weeks to get physiotherapy, I tried the 4 core fitness classes with Tom. After only two sessions, I felt a significant difference, and after three sessions I ran 40 min the other day – absolutely pain-free. Meaning that in such a short time, my muscles already learnt to improve my running style through Tom’s corrections on how to place my feet or keep my hip straight. Therefore I recommend trying 4 core fitness to everyone, because it is incredibly helpful for your core strength, for running and probably for almost every other sport as well.”

testimonial in German


At the beginning of 2012 I decided this was the year I was going to get healthy so, I took control and signed up to Toms 4 core fitness training.  By March the weight was starting to drop off, I had more energy and almost fitted the nice outfit I’d bought in the January sales to motivate myself.  It was a 12 and I’d previously been a 16.  I then bought myself an exercise bike to use at home and a medicine ball so I could follow Toms 4 core fitness core training DVD at home.  I was doing one core training class per week and working out at home for an hour once maybe twice a week doing half hour cycling as cardio/warm up and half hour from Toms dvd.  By June the new outfit fitted a treat and I wore it for an excellent girls night out and was so proud of all the compliments I got I went out and bought my first pair of skinny jeans – and they had a 30 inch waist.  If I can do it anyone can.