4 Core Fitness Free videos

My name is Tom. The team and myself have designed this medicine ball training system to help our clients move better and have more body awareness.

We have worked with clients for many, many years and we can proudly say that even our top Athletes are injury free since they have started to work with us! Watch the video below to find out more…


Medicine ball warm up routine 001 from our 1st week online training. You will need a medicine ball however you can use any other maximum 3 kg object or just imitate the movements and do the warm up as a body weight workout!

The warm up exercises are:

  1. Swap under (code 001)
  2. Ball Butt Kicks (code 053)
  3. Swap Under Overhead Press (code 002)
  4. Ball Butt Kicks (code 053)
  5. Swap under (code 001)
  6. Swap Under Overhead Press (code 002)


This is only one routine from the main training session of week one!

3 Sets HIIT hybrid with 2 Sets Medicine ball

  1. Shoulder Touches (20 sec) HIIT
  2. Mountain Climber (20 sec) HIIT
  3. Sideways Chops (Code 034)
  4. Toe Touch (Code 025)

You have 10 sec preview before your next exercise, the routine is only 10 minutes, please make sure you warm up first!


Don’t forget to stretch after your session. If you have any feedback or questions, please email us to info@protomfitness.co.uk or call the number on the top of the page!


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