Fitness from the Core

“All physical activity begins with the bodys core. I
maintain the strength in my core so that I can jump, run,
start, stop, and accelerate at the highest levels
– Derrick Rose NBA Player


No matter what your goals are, whether you are looking to lose a bit of weight; lift heavier and heavier; beating your Personal Best time or winning a tournament core function and core
strength will play a key role in helping you to achieve your goals. With this article we will explain the importance of training the core and provide you with a basic understanding of how your core functions as specific muscle group; the benefits of strengthening the core and why core strength is essential for effective training in relation to all other areas of your body no matter what your goal is.


Defining the Core

The core is defined as a complex series of muscles in the midsection area of your body. This series of muscles consists of a whole network of large and intricate parts adjoined on to the
skeletal frame and provides stability for the whole body through all 3 planes of movement. One of the main muscles in this group is the rectus abdominis, this is the muscle which is
seen when someone has a “6 pack” or “abs”. This muscle is responsible for the flexion of the lumbar region of the spine. It runs from the end of your sternum down to the front of your
pelvis. Effective Exercises that work the abs include the crunch and the straight leg raise.


The function of the Core

Core stability is defined as: “The ability of your trunk to support the effort and forces from your arms and legs so that muscles and joints can perform their safest, strongest and most
effective positions”  The maintenance and strengthening of these muscles is therefore essential to your training so you can train safely and achieve progression in your training.  It is important to remember not to treat the core as a collection of muscles that primarily move, or to exercise them in isolation. They should be developed in conjunction with other functional exercises e.g. deadlifts. This allows you to utilise them to much greater effect especially when considering sporting performance. In general, working the core will make physical activity easier and more effective.
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