4 Core fitness® Group Strength Training

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Training venue: Westbury On Trym – BS9 3QA – Bristol and Remote access online


4 Core fitness® Strength Training is designed to build your abdominal strength & core stability

Our 4 Core Fitness® Strength Training group sessions are designed to help you achieve these goals giving you a strong foundation to get to the next level in your training or a way to back into fitness.


  • Monday 10 AM (60min) – Westbury On Trym BS9 3QA – Tom
  • Wednesday 1 PM (60min) – Westbury On Trym BS9 3QA – Dora
  • Thursday 9:30 AM / 5:30 PM (60min) – Westbury On Trym BS9 3QA – Dora
  • Friday 1 PM (60min) – Westbury On Trym BS9 3QA – Dora



What is core stability and strength?

All movements that we do, whether we are walking, lifting or changing position, come from our core area. The core supports the spine and pelvis during movement, and stability of the core is essential for good posture, flexibility and a healthy body. This strong base is the foundation for total fitness. You need core strength for stability especially at the lumbar spine.

4 Core Fitness Group Strength Training

4 Core Fitness®  Strength Training is a great system that targets the core, using a range of equipment and exercises to really strengthen and tone this area. 4 Core Fitness®  is a really fun, combining exercises that use the medicine ball, the Freeform board and the g-flex. Working with both others and alone, you will find this friendly group class a great place to work out, and you will leave feeling strong and invigorated! If you would like to see more information about the great tools that you will be using in the sessions, have a look at the individual pages. Better yet, sign up now and come along to experience the fun for yourself! 4 Core Fitness® , Core Strength …your first step to a healthy, fitter you before you hit your insanity training.

What is medicine ball training?

An old expression in Europe says: “He who uses the medicine ball does not need medicine”. The medicine ball adds variety and resistance to a boring exercise regime. There are exercises suited for training all the muscles of the body, and the variety of exercises is not only large but extremely varied. You will take part in mobility exercises, strength developing exercises, throwing exercises, as well as games, relays, and competitions, all of which have beneficial effect on your general fitness. The many single and double throw exercises that involve the entire body are especially good for developing smooth, co-ordinated movement. These exercises are appropriate for developing total fitness. Most of the time your will do exercises in pairs. This makes better use of time.

What is medicine ball core stability and strength?

You learn a range of exercises and movements on the medicine ball and how to apply and adapt to different situations. Using your:

  • motor coordination
  • balance
  • agility
  • speed
  • reaction time at the highest level

You will get high-level performance in form and function. Book a Trial Session – £8    (Coupon code: 4Coretrial8)


No time to come to our studios?

All Core Training sessions are on our Online Training platform. Sign up and get  7-day FREE access, our 8 week Online Training is just £10 a week.

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