HIIT the legs with lactic acid

If we really want our clients to maximize their time with us it is our job to intelligently use exercises in combination with each other. This does not necessarily mean we just use supersets targeting the same muscle over and over, we can also play with antagonist and synergist muscles.


If we think about toning and shaping the body within a limited time it is better if we target the main muscle groups but if we’re clever we can incorporate exercise variations that allow for a more effective “full body” workout and works those main muscle groups through all three planes of movement.

Our HIIT sessions do not consist of random exercises thrown together, we think about the mission as well- what are the goals of the session, what do we want our clients to feel and what do they need to work on?

The video is a good example of our approach- we do a 3-exercise combination within 1 set and we use two similar exercises in a very different way. One is more isometric and close to lactic acid threshold training while the other is really working on explosive execution.


Over the three exercises our clients are going through all three planes of movement whilst targeting the same muscle groups!

All our sessions are very much tailored and client focused

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