High intensity interval training. Get your heart pumping with QuickFit HIIT.

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Get in shape & burn more calories for up to 12 hours

Improve your stamina and fitness level while you utilizing fat for energy. Get your resting metabolic rate up, within weeks, loose the gut and tone up your whole body. Are you lack of time and motivation to make it happen? You won’t believe but you only need 2 half an hour training sessions a week.

Tabata – the perfect fitness solution for busy people.

Tabata the hot new trend in fitness training, has been launched at ProTom Fitness, Bristol. The official Tabata workout is available in small group training sessions Maximum of 8 people

Tabata is becoming a popular form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) amongst both professional athletes and enthusiastic amateurs. For the launch of the 30 minute classes that feature dynamic new body weight moves that have a heart-pumping effect at their core, and which aim to get participants up to their maximum heart rate over the crucial four-minute tabata section. Each 30 minute class also includes a mobilization, warm up and cool down routines.

Why Quick Fit HIIT is different from mainstream Tabata.

After mastering good posture and technique in all the body weight exercises we move on exercise tools, we use battle ropes, dumbbells, resistance tubes, medicine balls, gliding discs and many more to get our clients to the next level.

Our classes are designed for different fitness levels so if you are a beginner or an advanced person in fitness, we just have the right exercise combinations for you!

We make sure you do everything in the right technique to avoid any injuries, and enjoy the process.

What’s involved?

A warm-up that focuses on loosening and mobilizing muscles kicks off all Tabata (Quick Fit) sessions, closely followed by a quick lesson in the moves that make up the day’s class. So hit the link to get more toned and defined.

You can also book in for a 1:1 Tabata session for £25 only.

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