HIIT Marathon Challenge 1




Would you like to be challenged?

Try our 45 minute HIIT Marathon.

Pay just £1 for 1 month of access to our Online Training Platform (where we keep all the HIIT Marathon exercises for this challenge.

Practise the HIIT Marathon challenge exercises as much as you can.

Complete the 45 min HIIT Marathon challenge on Saturday 12th 9:30 am.

Sign up for this challenge closes on the 5th Dec.

In line with normal Tabata protocol, this challenge is comprised of a 20-second workout with a 10-second break and no recovery!

Choose beginner level or advanced level. This challenge is appropriate for all ages and abilities.

All you have to do is finish the 45 min workout without stopping. On completion of the challenge, you will receive a digital 4 Core Fitness® HIIT Marathon badge which you can share on your social

Tom Lakos and the 4 Core Fitness® Team




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