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This is our download page. This library is free and you can use these free plans for your training as well as taking ideas from these routines! I have designed many different training routines over the years. To help you to profile yourself, I will put the gender, age and primary goals related to each exercise on the plans so you will be able to see if each plan is relevant to you or not!

You can also able to test and try our online training for free without signing up to our online 8 weeks core training programme

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Getting ski fit for the winter season

Here is our first E-book about Ski fitness (we call it the single leg essentials!). This book contains 12 exercises suitable for an intermediate skier. If you are beginner, we recommend you download and follow the ‘Body weight essentials’ plan for 6 weeks before moving onto the Ski Fitness E-Book.


Ski Fitness single leg essentials E-Book (Download Here)

Improve your running without running

Download the ‘medicine ball only’ training plans from our online 4 Core Fitness training system. In this plan you will find similar exercises that are found in the Ski Fitness E-Book.  as well as some hip mobility and contralateral control movements. If you would like to learn more of these moves whilst implementing more functional saggital and transverse plane movement, you can sign up to our 8 week online course here: 4 Core Fitness. Otherwise, hit the link below and try this medicine ball routine to help improve your running!

  • Medicine ball single leg swap under overhead press
  • Medicine ball side lunge with ball release
  • Medicine ball single leg chop forward knee raise
  • Medicine ball sumo squats with swap under
  • Medicine ball lunge from high point
  • Medicine ball squat and chest press
  • Medicine ball bridge
  • Medicine ball toe touches
  • Medicine ball Libra
  • Medicine ball preacher


Medicine ball based training plan (Download Here)

Cardio based travel plan with resistance band.

(you will need your body weight, resistance band and a box or any elevation to jump to)

Please watch the video about this routine, I created this plan for Man age 24, active camera man, lots of outdoor hiking. He wanted something mobile to keep his fitness up and get stronger.

  • Knee cross crunch hop / Box Jump / Row extension
  • Bodyweight Super Hero
  • Resistance band reverse fly
  • Resistance band squat to overhead press
  • Resistance band squat to high row
  • Resistance band glute kick back
  • Resistance band high to low chops

Cardio travel plan (Download Here)

Lakeshore residents training plan – Bristol.

(you will need your body weight, Stability ball and access to lat pull down, leg extension and hamstring curl machine)

  • Stability Ball wall press ups
  • Knee extension on machine
  • Cable wide grip lat pull down
  • Hamstring curl on machine
  • Cable close grip lat pull down
  • Stability ball Jack knife
  • Stability Ball Single leg side lift
  • Stability Ball hamstring curl

Lakeshore private gym training plan (Download Here)

Frederick House residents training plan – Bath. 

(you will need your body weight, dumbbells, medicine ball and access Cable machine or resistance bands)

Exercises are:

  • Incline beginner press ups on bench
  • Cable reverse lunge
  • Dumbbell Renegade row
  • Dumbbell reverse lunge with biceps curl
  • Dumbbell squat to overhead front raise
  • Cable straight arm pull down with reach
  • Medicine ball, placed high with vertical squat thrust
  • Dumbbell, alternated bent forward front raise

Frederick House private gym training plan (Download Here)






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