4 Core Fitness medicine ball training – Bristol

Gain strength, stamina, speed and agility.

An old expression in Europe says: “He who uses the medicine ball does not need medicine”. The medicine ball adds variety and resistance to a boring exercise regime. There are exercises suited for training all the muscles of the body, and the variety of exercises is not only large but extremely varied.

You will take part in mobility exercises, strength developing exercises, throwing exercises, as well as games, relays, and competitions, all of which have beneficial effect on your general fitness. The many single and double throw exercises that involve the entire body are especially good for developing smooth, co-ordinated movement.

These exercises are appropriate for developing total fitness. Most of the time your will do exercises in pairs. This makes better use of time.

Spice up your gym routine with unilateral training and your body will thank for it.

The benefits:

  1. Core Stabilization
  2. Improve balance and stability
  3. Dominant and non-dominant limbs trained equally
  4. Correct imbalance
  5. Prevent injury


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