Clients who have been left without a training facility

We have just been notified of some sad news. Mstrong gym located in the BS2 area was closing down. It is always sad to see a fellow independent fitness company close its doors.

We would like to welcome any clients who have been left without a training facility to train with us at 4 Core Fitness! Two of our training facilities are less than 20 minutes driving distance and our trainers are super friendly and knowledgeable! Luckily, there is still some time to take advantage of our 4 week unlimited trial offer.

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We provide group personal training sessions, HIIT sessions and functional core fitness group sessions. Our sister company, ProTom fitness, provides 1:1 training and Thai kickboxing fitness sessions. Please send us a message with your telephone number if you would like some advice on what sessions would suit your ability and taste.

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