Gym membership Vs Group personal training.

Ding, ding, ding,

Round 1 – Gym membership Vs Group personal training.

When beginning a personal journey, it can be difficult to know what path to take.

The fitness industry is overrun with deceptive multi-million pound gym advertising and marketing campaigns that prey on those looking for a ‘quick-fix’ by offering enticing low pricing plans.

These campaigns cloud the reality of what a gym provides. You may receive around-the-clock access to gym facilities (why anyone would train at 2am makes absolutely no sense) but without planning and guidance, these facilities can be detrimental to your health.


Many of our clients have attended gyms in the past with little success…

Our Group PT offers a safe, supportive platform. You will train within a small group under the guidance of a professional.

We teach you essential knowledge that all gym goers should be aware of! Learning to correctly execute different exercises ensures that you will feel confident enough to train independently.

Precision and genuine passion is what sets us aside from mainstream gyms. Avoid pricy joining fees and subsequent termination fees at your local gym and join our growing community at ProTom Fitness.

Get in touch today and re-gain personal power.

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