4 weeks unlimited access application

Thank you for showing interest in our 4 Week Body Transformation Program.

At 4 Core Fitness®  we ONLY work with busy people who are desperate to get back into their old clothes, boost their confidence, and who have tried local gyms in the past and been left frustrated with lack of results.


The 4 Week Program is 100% based around delivering a measurable result!

– We will help out with nutrition. (You don’t have to give up alcohol!)

– We will provide calorie burning, body shaping workouts (with great variety and fun).

– We will assist you in becoming more accountable to help you achieve what you set out to do!

Our flexible session times ensure you can train at times to suit your lifestyle! Take advantage of the community support we offer. All of our clients are in the same boat! Our sessions are held in our private studios and we provide LIVE online training sessions.

If you would like to apply, have a chat with one of our friendly team!  The first step is to answer questions below to check your suitability.  Then we will be in contact within 24 hours.


We tailor our Group Personal Training sessions to the needs of our individual clients. We often switch between body weight, medicine ball, kettlebell, steel mace and FreeForm board workouts.

Traditional gym work can become very repetitive, even in a group environment. We use many non-traditional training methods that engage our clients in multi-planar movement. Our methods are fun, challenging and allow variation which ensures sessions are always fresh and interesting.

Yes, we understand it is much easier to measure progress using more traditional methods however in the long run most people will suffer a certain amount of limitation in their body kinetics. We believe acquiring a skill set based around functional movement and full body awareness are important factors in working towards and achieving your fitness goals.

If you feel you need something new to freshen up your health and fitness journey, we are the perfect fit for you!

We run sessions every weekday morning at 6.30am, during the day and some evenings in Redland (BS6 6LE); we also run a Saturday session and a couple of evening sessions at Longwell green (BS30).

If you are not close enough to any of our gym locations, join our LIVE online training sessions online or subscribe to our online training membership platform. This subscription will provide access to all our previously recorded sessions!

We will accept 10 new members for our programme only.

We offer one month unlimited access to our Group Training sessions for £119 and 7 Day Free access to our LIVE online training sessions.

Inclusive of our unlimited access offer:

  • Tailor-made diet plan
  • Home and gym training plan
  • 7 day Free access to our LIVE sessions and to our online member subscription
  • Free 3Kg medicine ball to be able to do your online training and home work
  • Cooking videos and our healthy recipe books 24/7 access to us and being a member of our closed group on Facebook

It is simple to apply. Just fill in the application form below. We just need to know about your current health and training regime (if you have one) and then, if you are happy to proceed, we will get you booked in for your first session!

Looking forward to training you soon.

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