100% NATURAL LATEX TUBES, Columbia-Bookfest®Power Cords Resistance Bands 11pc Set, Ideal For Home Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Abs, P90x & Workout with workout guide. Part of the Columbia-Bookfest® PowerCord products.

  • 11pc resistance bands sheet with a workout guide
  • 5 different colour coded band strengths
  • 30 different resistance workout levels
  • your very own private home/travel workout in a bag
  • perfect for any fitness program for weight loss, toning/firming & strengthening


I personally ordered so many different resistance bands in sets like this and often returned the items. Finally three years ago I find this resistance bands solution, which was the cheapest but also the best quality.

I left one of these sets for my mother and she is using them at least twice a week. She has used them for over 2 years now with no problems with the latex at all. I individually purchased many tubes from top brands and within 7-8 months they snap, so gettting a high quality resistance band likes this one is important.


I always recommend this to our clients  and with some of our programmes they get one of these bags for free

It’s a top quality product for sure