Columbia-Bookfest®Power Cords Resistance Bands 11 piece set

Ideal for the following sports:

  • Home fitness
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Abs
  • P90x

Columbia-Bookfest®Power Cords Resistance Bands 11 piece set is made from 100% natural latex tubes. It is part of the Columbia-Bookfest® PowerCord products. This product comes with a workout guide showing 30 different resistance workout levels. It includes 5 different colour-coded band strengths. We like this product because it is extremely versatile and allows you to have your very own private home/travel workout in a bag. This product is perfect for any fitness program for weight loss, toning/firming & strengthening.

Over the years I have ordered many different resistance bands in sets like this product and often returned the items. Some of the products I ordered were from top brands. Finally, three years ago I found these resistance bands. There were not only the cheapest, but also the best quality.

I gave one of these sets to my mother. She uses them at least twice a week for over 2 years, with no problems! The latex is good quality and won’t snap.

Often, the price doesn’t reflect quality. During summer 2020, I found that these cheaper bands I am recommending became unavailable. Some of our personal training clients ordered a more expensive version which includes a (weird and unnecessary) clip. Take a quick glance at the image above. The clip sits into the rubber. There is another version of these bands where the clip does not sit into the rubber and is consequently loose. Ensure you buy the correct version!

I always recommend these products to our clients. On some of our membership programmes, I give these products away for free! It is a top-quality product for sure.

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