The Gymnic Medicine Ball is great for strength training, weight loss, toning and improving core strength! In particular, these medicine balls are the best for plyometric drills. These balls are made from rubber (latex-free) and come in 6 different weights (1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 500g) as well as 6 different colours. The textured surface of these balls ensures a good grip, even when you are sweating!

Gymnic Medicine Ball

The Gymnic Medicine Ball is very versatile because it provides a good level of bounce, as opposed to other medicine balls on the market.

We have been using these particular medicine balls in our training sessions for many years no and have has excellent feedback from our clients! You can expand the lifespan of your medicine ball by smashing/slamming onto a soft surface.

You can read about the history of the medicine ball in one of our dedicated blog posts.

To summarise:

  • MATERIAL: Latex-free, small rubber medicine balls
  • USED FOR: Strengthening exercises, especially core strength drills
  • IDEAL: For power exercises & plyometric drills
  • SIZE: Choice of 6 sizes & weights

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