FreeFORM Board



FITNESS: The freeFORM Board offers many functional benefits including multi-planer applications and continuous movement combinations that have never before been possible. It also loads muscles through a full range of motion, thereby enhancing both core and whole body strength and mobility simultaneously. Yet, the most  consistent and recurring feedback from users is that it is a fun, enjoyable and popular piece of gym equipment .

PILATES: As practitioners of a highly refined art form, and existing users of high quality precision equipment, Pilates enthusiasts have already adopted the freeFORM Board. It replicates countless Pilates chair and reformer exercises at a fraction of the cost and space requirements. Continuous movements and non-linear applications add a whole new dimension to the Pilates repertoire.

THERAPY: The freeFORM Board is a non-impact, tool that supports multi-planer movement. The ultra low fiction created by the high quality castors can facilitate smooth continuous movements thereby helping to restore pain free function to injured or inflamed joints and soft tissues. The freeFORM Board can also act as an unstable surface and is an excellent tool for building core strength and dynamic stability and mobility. The simple convenience and portability make it a perfect addition to any therapist’s tool box.