How to use your plan?

R/L (one side first than the other); R&L (alternate) ECC (Eccentric contraction) an active muscle while it is lengthening under load (normally slow towards gravity); CC (concentric contraction) or Isotonic, an active muscle shortening under load (Works against gravity) ; ISOM (Isometric) Contraction without movement (Holding your position); WLS =for Weight Loss or super slow, you can apply super slow execution up to 6-8 reps. The time on execution for beginners 10-15 sec, advanced up to 45 sec; LT = lactic acid threshold training, up to 45 sec, pause, bounce or mixture. 3-5 Sets. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to visit our web or email to:

Shaun C home training plan

use the plan in block of fours so you can do exercise 1 and 2 take 30 sec rest and repeat as your plan says 3 times. Do the same for exercise 3 and 4.

a different day you can do 5 and 6 in 3 sets and move to 7 and 8.

You can also use the plan as a circuit training style. Do exercise 1,2,3,4 take 60 sec recovery and repeat again! Minimum twice or 3 times but when you are getting fitter and more time you can do more circles!

Make sure you warm up – 5 min

1. Body Weight / 3 Sets / (24 R/L) / Rest 30 sec (HIIT) (LT)

2. Body Weight / 3 Sets / (24 R&L) / Rest 30 sec (HIIT) 

3. Body Weight / 3 Sets / (16 R/L) / Rest 30 sec (WLS) (HIIT)

4. Body Weight / 3 Sets / (24 R&L) / Rest 30 sec

5.Body Weight / 3 Sets / (20) / Rest 30 sec (LT)

6. Body Weight / 3 Sets / (20 R/L) / Rest 30 sec (WLS)



Make sure you have 5 min cool down and stretches after your session!

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