7-Day FREE 4Core Fitness Membership

Opening an account with us gives you 7-day FREE access to our Online Training Subscription

This includes LIVE Training session recordings. You are not required to enter any card details to make an account.

Our Online Training Subscription is composed of a 6-week course. You will receive instant access to the full course. To maximise results, we advise following the course structure by starting from week 1. We particularly recommend this for people who are unfamiliar with exercise.

The 4 Core Fitness® training system is designed to improve body function.

We measure performance through technique rather than pace, number of repetitions or weight lifted. Please do not rush through our exercises. Move slowly through each progression. This will really strengthen your muscle groups. Our routines introduce new movements as you progress through the course.

Ensure you listen to trainer instructions. We encourage members to send us recordings of their training so we can provide feedback. We want you to master all the 4 Core Fitness® moves so you feel confident whilst exercising independently.

If you follow the course structure, we recommend training at least twice a week.

You might want to train more depending on your fitness level or goal. Please get in touch if you would like a recommendation tailored to your needs.

Our trainers provide clients with support throughout the course. Just call or email if you need any assistance with an exercise or experience technical issues.

Most exercises are body-weight based. Sometimes we use medicine balls.

The medicine ball is extremely versatile and excellent for toning the body. Please consider getting one if you enjoy the sessions.

LIVE session recordings are included in your 7-day FREE access.

We have a large community of people who tune in for these sessions daily. If you would like to get involved in the LIVE sessions as they are conducted,  you can book by clicking on the right side of the subscription page. You will see all the available sessions and prices on the booking page!

We have a Level 2 course which provides more complex moves and challenges.

Level 2 is for those who finish level 1. We hope you enjoy your fitness journey!

Please note: Your account will automatically close after 6 months. If you would like to continue your training, you will just need to open a new account.

Tom Lakos and the 4 Core Fitness® Team

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