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Medicine ball based conditioning for your heart through your core

Join our Core Cardio Fitness – Medicine ball based sessions. The team here at 4 Core Fitness set ourselves aside from other training companies because we do not measure our success by executing as many exercises in as fast pace as we can. Instead, we measure the quality of our training by using only the necessary tools and assessing how, depending on an individuals strengths and weaknesses, different muscle groups can complement and react cohesively together within a movement plan. This ensures the body functions as a whole, just like clockwork. 

Gain strength, stamina, speed and agility.

It is important to understand how each client’s body reacts to each muscle movement. We are on a mission to understand how we can improve elements of our clients’ well-being by using different techniques within core cardio fitness.

Benefits of Core Cardio Fitness – Medicine ball based include:

  • Agility
  • Posture
  • Specific goals, E.g weight loss, muscle gain
  • Specific sport enhancement – Running improvement, squash training… 
  • Flexibility
  • Balance

Our medicine ball sessions have a large focus on education. By simultaneously utilising both the upper and lower body muscles, pressure on the heart is increased because it must pump oxygenated blood in multiple directions around the body. This ensures that the heart gets a well-rounded workout. Additionally, our full-body routines condition the body whilst making significant improvements to clients stamina and hand-eye coordination. All of this is achieved by using one tool to load weight onto the muscles, the medicine ball.

25 min long training video to show you what we do.

Our training sessions combine high-intensity interval training with isometric and isotonic exercises. The job of a trainer is to ensure you receive optimum results. Training with the educated fitness professionals at 4 Core Fitness ensures you combine the right exercises resulting in the maximum benefit from your sessions and no time wasted.

Every human being has a different anatomical build. Medicine ball exercises help us to engage different muscle slings. This creates harmony between muscle groups and teaches your body how to control its own muscle fibres inside muscle groups. This will enable you to have more body awareness, stability and coordination. 

The medicine ball training system

Our system represents body connectivity. Generally speaking, as long as your body form is correct you can increase the execution speed of the exercise. The current problem is that there is simply no room for repetition and correctly planned execution in the modern fitness industry! Racing against time and getting the workout done as quickly as possible is not a sustainable way of training. Trainers nowadays work to get the best results, against the clock and in turn, this works against the chain reaction of the muscles.

Form and Function

Human form is widely neglected and does replicate how a human should naturally move! This is obviously not sustainable. Especially for those clients who have little balance, body awareness or limited anatomical structure. Age and flexibility are also essential factors to be taken into consideration when planning how to achieve a fit and healthy body or when maintaining ability within a sport or fitness activity!

Our aim is to teach and educate you about your abilities and your potential. Our code of practice is that anyone can move well if they have been taught well.

Book a Trial Session – £8 use promo code 4Coretrial8 No time to come to our group classes? Train online from anywhere and in your own time! Sign up for £5 a week!

Outdoor training 

We are now holding outdoor Core Cardio Fitness on Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 pm – 6 pm, located at our private gym – Unit 7 Aldermoor Way, Longwell Green, Bristol BS30 7DA

  • Max 5 people per session
  • No walk-ins, please book online! 
  • Half hour Trial session just £4 / Standard session £7 BOOK
  • 1 hour Trial session just £8 / Standard session £16 BOOK 

All Core Training sessions are LIVE-streamed through our Online Training platform. Sign up and get 7-day FREE access! We also hold daily LIVE Online Group Training sessions on our online platform.

You might also be interested in 7-day FREE access to our 8-week Online Training subscription course. Create a free account to start.

More information on Online Training   

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