24 Test Exercises before designing the training programme

  1. Medicine ball chop overhead with step back
  2. Medicine ball squats with chest press
  3. Medicine Ball Overhead chop side to side
  4. Hip drops on bench
  5. Medicine ball bent forward overhead chop
  6. Medicine Ball single leg swap under overhead press
  7. Medicine ball figure 8
  8. Reverse lunges
  9. Frontal plain lunges
  10. Checking the flexibility on the lats
  11. Cable reverse lunges
  12. Freeform board lumbar spine mobilisation
  13. Freeform board cross reach
  14. Reverse crunches
  15. Resistance band reverse fly with and without rotation
  16. Contralateral cable row with knee raise
  17. Knee raises on dip station
  18. Push up practice
  19. Superman or  Dog bird.
  20. Stability ball wall press ups.
  21. Kneeling medicine ball smashes
  22. The preacher with a medicine ball
  23. Toe touches with swap under
  24. Russian twists



Main Training session with the medicine ball after warm up


Home exercise plan additional to your medicine ball training

How to use your plan?

R/L (one side first than the other); R&L (alternate)BW (Bodyweight); DB (Dumbbell); BB (Barbell); KB (Kettlebell) MB (Medicine ball); SB (Stability Ball); RB = Resistance bands.  ECC (Eccentric contraction) an active muscle while it is lengthening under load (normally slow towards gravity); CC (concentric contraction) or Isotonic, an active muscle shortening under load (Works against gravity) ; ISOM (Isometric) Contraction without movement (Holding your position); WLS =for Weight Loss or super slow, you can apply super slow execution up to 6-8 reps. The time on execution for beginners 10 -15 sec, advanced up to 45 sec; LT = mainly for sport people, lactic acid threshold training, up to 45 sec, pause, bounce or mixture. 3-5 Sets. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to visit our web or email to: info@4corefitness.uk

Core and thoracic spine rehabilitation home training plan

You will need:

Make sure you warm up – 5 -10 min

1. Body Weight / 3 Sets / (14) / Rest 30 sec (Educational video about learning to do press ups)


2.  Cable Machine or resistance band / 3 Sets / (16 R/L) / Rest 30 sec (ECC)

3. Body Weight / 3 Sets / (18) / Rest 30 sec 

4.  Body Weight/ 3 Sets / (16 R&L) / Rest 30 sec (WLS)



Make sure you have 5-10 min cool down and stretches after your session!

You can download your stretching essentials here:

4 Core-fitness Stretching and Home training equipment


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