Why exercise during lockdown is important

As more restrictions are placed on the UK, many people still lack understanding about why exercise during lockdown is important. Many have stopped their usual fitness regime or pushed back their planned training start date. 

This approach to your health and fitness seriously slows you down! With options such as online training or a short yet strict daily training schedule, there is no excuse not to start. 

Even the smallest amount of time spent working on the body can make significant improvements to your fitness and benefit your mental health. 

The fitness industry wants to push this idea that you must spend 30 minutes, an hour or more training the body hard. This deters many people from even starting. Yes, sporting professionals spend hours a day training but that is not required by someone who is looking to loose some weight and tone up! 

There will always be obstacles in the way of your fitness goals. No one believed the lockdown at the start of 2020 would last for as long as it did. To anyone who pushed back a training schedule to accommodate lockdown: was the push-back worthwhile? Think of what you could have achieved in that time! Many people do not understand why exercise during lockdown is important but they surely feel the effects of being active for so long. If you are one of those people, what level of fitness might you have reached if you had trained? Don’t make the same mistake over and over! There is a good chance the UK will return into lockdown. If so, what changes will you make? 


I have clients who have stuck to their training schedules and with a little discipline, have achieved great success over the last few months. Many of my clients have been grateful for lockdown as it has allowed them the time to implement strict home training plans. 

We recommend those looking for direction to attend a discounted, face-to-face trial training session with us at our outdoor training facility or an outdoor training location. This will allow our trainers to assess your needs and determine what type/frequency of training you should undergo.

Alternatively, an Online Training plan may suit you better. Online Training with us is more cost effective training option than training face-to-face. These plans are extremely versatile which will ensure you do not get bored. Each exercise is broken down and explained in full to ensure your understanding. You will also receive around the clock support from our trainers who are on hand to support you if you have any questions about the training or specific exercises. 

Attending our Online Training programme is an excellent way to keep your body engaged during lockdown.

We recommended all of our usual face-to-face clients to train with us through our Online Training programme during the first lockdown. This kept their bodies engaged and retained the progress they had made. Continuing to train with the same methods we use in class allows our clients to move to the next ‘level’ of training on their return to face-to-face sessions. The premise of all of our training methods is good functionality but there are many levels, aspects and benefits to excelling in your training. Hopefully now you understand why exercise during lockdown is important.

Request a discounted, face-to-face trial session, here. 

Find out more about our Online Training, here. 

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