The secret to flawless body function

Many people neglect the significance of moving well as a means of getting fit.

Great importance is attached to obtaining the features of a great athlete, with disregard for the basic (but essential) functionality that such assets would provide.

We see people working tirelessly to enlarge their bums, biceps, and in particular, their egos.

Topping your best rep count or dramatically increasing your weight load can only result in damage.

This calls for a shift in focus!

Put your mind to elevating your performance and technique.

Your ability to complete everyday tasks with ease depends on the functionality of your core muscle groups.

Devote time to improving your mobility and flexibility!

Functionally workouts have been championed for years but still have not derived the attention they deserve.


building your body's flexibility

The medicine ball is a classic example of an early yet forward-thinking functionality device.

It is easily our favourite piece of gym equipment for the simple reason that it triggers both weight loss and full-body toning, simultaneously!

Another modern and innovative device ideal for functional training is the Free-form board. Its multi-directional movement engages the whole body and in particular, the core muscles.



What makes these tools particularly unique is their easy-to-use and simplistic nature. In our view, these devices dominate functional training and are key to improving your agility, control and mobility.



Rewire your movement patterns and refine your co-ordination skills. Doing so will ensure you stay injury-free long-term! Developing these skills is vital for anyone at any age.

4Core Fitness provides taster medicine ball exercises for free! All you need is a medicine ball. 8kg is a good standard weight to start with. Please get in touch if you would like any specific advice.

Our sister company, ProTom Fitness is now providing outdoor personal training sessions, adhering to social distancing protocols. Sessions are available to book at your house (in your garden) or at a local park/public space. This is great news for all of our usual home visit clients.

Equipment such as kettlebells, steel mace, resistance bands and medicine balls will be provided and disinfected before, during (regularly) and after the session to minimise any risk of transmission.

Sessions will be £50 for 1 hour and £30 for 30 mins. Click here to book.

We also have an Online Training platform providing top quality guided training. This service was designed to help you train at home and does not require equipment. We upload unique training routines and training session recordings. Many of our clients really benefit from using this platform to either complement their 4 Core Fitness® group training or to train independently. This subscription provides you with support on an on-going basis and will include tailored workout plans (if you have an injury or specific needs) at your request.

We currently have a FREE 7-day access offer for this subscription and our live training sessions. Simply fill out the form below and really get going with your fitness.

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