Charity food bank workout with Longwell Records 🎵

Our favourite go-to for music, Longwell records, has been supporting the local food bank! They gave a £1 charity donation for each person who put up an image or video in their ‘Longwell records’ logo t-shirt!

On their recommendation, we decided to get involved. We put together a LIVE 15 min quarantine workout where Tom, out head trainer, wore their logo T-shirt! We then donate £2 for each LIVE view on our video. In total we had 9 viewers so we donated £18!

We really enjoyed doing this charity workout and Longwell records even shared our video to their page! Local companies coming together to support charities helps to support the community at this time. You can watch the full video workout below.

It consists of:

35 mins HIIT,

25 mins Core strength

8 mins stretching.

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