A question to ask before your next gym session

Why is change so uncomfortable? 

Recently, I switched from iPhone to Android.

Honestly, I have no idea how Android works.

It has been quite irritating.

I’d like to go back to an iPhone, because it felt familiar and safe. 

Buy all of my other gadgets are Apple… 

So adapting makes more sense. 


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Adaptation is important for growth and function.

Without it, humans would still be living in caves!

And I certainly would not be holding an iPhone.

Change is sort of a representation of knowledge and freedom! 

But why bother make change if your current situation works well? 

Sometimes, it is better not to over complicate things… 

Such as I have done. 

Because nothing was wrong with my Android! 

And on reflection, I did not need a new phone. 

This same idea can be applied to exercise.

If you are happy with your level of fitness… 

And you receive the results you want…  

Why change? 

Your routine is  clearly working for you! 


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Whereas if you are not receiving the results you want… 

And you feel unhappy… 

Something definitely needs to change. 

Change can often be unreliable.

We tend to fall back on others experiences to indicate whether we will or will not enjoy something. 

Which is why, If you are struggling with fitness… 

4 Core fitness can provide a reliable solution. 

Our vast experience enables us to train all our clients to such a high standard! 

Clients stick with us because they recognise our high level of expertise. 

Not only that, they see results! 

Our methods work.

A portion of our clientele are actually competitive athletes.

We focus on providing the best care. 

So that everyone can have a taste, we created the ‘4 Week Unlimited Trial offer’. 

This allows for clients to experience our methods and adjust to the change. 

Towards the end of your 4 weeks, we design a bespoke plan for you! 

This plan is based around the sessions you enjoyed most and what you require. 

During the trial you receive access to ALL group sessions. 

(Strength, Group PT and Quickfit) 

Book now, to receive a bonus space within our weekly Kickboxing sessions! (Held by our sister company, ProTom fitness – Limited spaces.) 

You can check out our reviews if it makes you more comfortable. 

But remember the point… 

Change is uncomfortable. 

Adapt and excel with 4 Core fitness! 

Fill out the form below to enquire about the ‘4 Week Unlimited Trial offer’.

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