Quick guide: Ultimate comfort


Many people will never experience the pleasure of good health.

Will you?

Having great mobility and flexibility can take you places you never thought you would go.

It will certainly open more doors in life.

You will participate in activities that you never thought you would!

… and wonder why you did not broaden your capabilities sooner.

Activities that once felt challenging will feel natural.


Tai Chi classes

My training began around 4 years ago.

I remember the first time I recognised my improved strength and ability. It was a moment I will never forget!

Even my mother noticed!

I was invited to go sailing on my uncles boat. My unforgettable moment was simply stepping over some railings and onto the boat with complete ease and balance.

Taking myself out of my comfort zone enabled me to recognise my capabilities/power.

Essentially, this is what fitness is all about.

Removing yourself from your comfort zone and then redefining what ‘comfortable’ is.

There is nothing better than feeling consistently good.

Be ready for any challenge, big or small.

Sometimes it takes giving up complete control to regain true control.

To relieve the burden of planning an efficient training routine, put control in the hands of a trainer.

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