Don’t just do it, savour it!

You have the power to decide what to do with this precise moment.

It is important to use your power effectively.

Most of us feel a little out of control from time-to-time and so we over-compensate by multitasking during mundane tasks.

Mindless repetitions will not carve the perfect body.



Becoming physically and mentally engaged when exercising will help focus your energy correctly and ultimately, perform a better workout whilst avoiding injury.

Exercising with purpose gives us something to focus on. Being present during positive tasks reinforces to your brain that you are doing something positive for your body.

Try to build positive connections between your mind and body whilst you practise. Notice what is comfortable or uncomfortable and ask why, adjust and continue. This will leave you with a generally positive experience surrounding exercise.

Form is one of the many things that will improve by having complete awareness during a workout. The more attentive you are to your posture, the better aligned your body will be. Form is a critical aspect of our wellbeing and can work wonders on our appearance as well as our confidence.

Often, environment can be a leading factor as to why you do not feel involved when exercising. Training in isolation can not only inhibit progress but also leads to the mind wondering.

Similarly, over-stimulation during a workout can be overwhelming. Maybe your exercise environment is too busy or manic to find clarity.

4 Core fitness offers half an hour and one hour training sessions in private locations. These sessions are guided by trainers with tonnes of experience who change up the sessions to cater to your specific needs.

Train with peace of mind at 4 Core fitness.

Get in touch using the form below if you would like to enquire about our training sessions.

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