Track your progress to stay on Track


The new year has begun and people everywhere are making unrealistic goals that come March, they will have forgotten.

There are a couple of easy habits you can learn to ensure those resolutions stick!

The key to success is to plan short term, achievable goals. To ensure measurement of progress towards these goals is accurate, we recommend…



Keeping a fitness diary.

In this diary you can keep details such as

  • body measurements
  • weight amount lifted
  • body composition

In this way you can objectively add/deduct exercises from your work out based on your progress or lack of.

Please note: Using a scale does not properly reflect your fitness. Muscle weights more than fat. Checking your body composition measures the percentage of muscle compared to fat. During strength training your body builds muscles and burns fat, resulting in your body fat percentage decreasing.

Taking a selfie!

A visual diary can be just as helpful as a written one. Snap a pic every 4-6 weeks to see how your body changes over time.

By doing this you can make a better decision on which muscles to train at what pace.

Getting a second opinion.

If you are serious about getting fit and would like to make the most from your time, consider exercising under the professional guidance of a trainer. Perhaps 4Core’s group training could be an affordable option. We are currently offering a discounted 4 week unlimited trial for new clients.

A quality personal trainer visually corrects form and notices strain or injury that you may not recognise yourself.

An excellent trainer would then modify the exercises to realign the body and strengthen these areas of weakness… This results in seamless body mobility and all-round toned and flexible muscles.

Stretching is also key to maximising muscle growth! If your trainer isn’t big on stretching, that is a warning sign that you are not receiving the best support.

There are so many personal trainers, please ensure you chose with quality in mind.

To book a discounted trial session, fill out the simple form below!


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