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It is proven that a happy and healthy employee produces more throughout the day and has a greater appreciation for their work.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are necessary in order to run like clockwork! But with busy work schedules and hectic personal lives, most people don’t get the chance to participate in body positive practices.


Introducing ways of increasing productivity in the workplace is great because it benefits both the employer and the employee.


Forbes stated in April 2019 that within the UK, mental health problems in the workplace have cost the economy approximately £70 billion annually, with UK citizens loosing 91 million workdays due to symptoms of mental illness.

Reinforcing the importance of health and fitness in the workplace is important now, more than ever!

Creating an office gym is a great way of engaging and stimulating your working community. Save money by hiring a personal training service to sort out the kinks and create plans based around your team and their specific needs.

At 4Core, our educational experts teach both modern and classic training methods specific to the needs of your workforce. Using guidance and support from our passionate trainers will promote functional fitness and ensure less work related injuries occur. This results in your company productivity rates going up whilst the amount of sick days taken by your workers, reduced.

Our training methods help employees with:

  • Processing instructions
  • Functionality
  • Stress management
  • Accountability
  • Discipline
  • Organisation
  • Time management
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Motivation

Implementing sustainable exercise practices within your company will enable your workforce to strengthen and maintain a successful work ethic.


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Teach your team to become accountable for their own progress.

Track your employee progress with regular 1:1 reviews and updates. In this way, they will become more accountable in both their personal and working lives.

Improve workplace co-ordination and functionality

Sometimes all it takes is a 20 minutiae workout to reenergise! A job that demands the worker to stay in a singular, stationary position for hours (Eg. office work) can cause significant damage to the spine, neck and important muscle groups. A lack of movement can cause a range of functionality issues that can be debilitating and cause life altering changes.

High pressure environments can create fatigue which manifests in our body, particularly in the back, wrists, arms and eye sockets!

Promoting regular exercise creates both physical and mental benefits!

A hormone called nor epinephrine is released during exercise which relieves stress. Exercise also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure whilst enhancing your mood! Pushing body-positive practises at work helps to create a relaxed and happy working environment. (Must I mention again the community aspect of group training!)

We have had the pleasure of coaching a wide range of clientele, including both professional and amateur athletes for over ten years. Our practises mould hard workers into disciplined individuals who will over-achieve.

Training with 4Core fitness will…

  • Strengthen the core of your company from the inside out.
  • Implement positive and modern values into your workplace.
  • Boost the quality of work your team produces.


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