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In 2019, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 13-19 May. This year, the theme is: Body Image. The Mental Health Foundation describes body image as, “how we think and feel about our bodies”.


All genders deserve equal opportunity to talk openly and without judgement about how they feel. And although mental health issues affect both male and female, in this post, I wanted to discuss the stigma that surrounds men speaking out about their mental health issues as well as consider how the act of making positive lifestyle changes can enable you, your friends, your team or your family to feel more at ease when struggling with mental health.



So, why is it that men have greater difficulty talking about their fears and struggles? 


Do you work in a male dominated environment? Do your male friends speak openly about their feelings? 


To be successful in addressing mental health, it is really important to spend time accessing how you care for yourself. The mind and body are connected. So many people do not make this connection or down-play how significant a connection there is!


Recently we were hired by a business to create a corporate training session specifically directed towards men and strengthening their community.


Working with this group was really good fun and beneficial to the guys. Bringing together people who work together regularly into a new and positive environment really highlighted the importance of newness and variety within our lives. Sometimes we go day-in and day-out repeating the same routine and this cycle needs to be broken.

All of our corporate training programmes including our group personal training are a bespoke service and can be altered to the needs of the cliental.

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