Sustainable training

Everything you do physically and mentally is a reflection of how you look after your body.

Optimising your training to ensure it is sustainable in the long-term is important. 

A report states, 1 in 7 people are a member of a gym in the UK.

That is an astounding amount! I have been wondering what percentage of those people stayed consistent with their training routines…

I don’t believe the percentage would be very high. It’s probably a similar scenario to when people sign up to training programmes…

Why are people not consistent? 

Whilst signing up to a gym gives you flexibility time-wise (training at 3am has never been easier). It may be that we are given a little too much option. 

Without support, gym attendees often struggle to create routine and balance in their workouts and don’t stick to their programme or achieve their goals.

Others simply buy memberships for one purpose only – to feel good about themselves. Marketing can make anything look appealing but the content of a programme is much more important than whatever celebrity is promoting it. 

Paying lots of money to be able to say to your friends, family and partner- “Actually I tried – I made the inquiry and I wanted to sign up and start a programme to change my life for the better, but (and here it is again, the BUT)… “I have worked long hours this week already”, “it is too expensive”, “It’s too intense”, “I don’t have time to cook”, “I’m not sure I have the energy” etc.

We have a habit of buying, trying and ditching until we find the next new hype… and the process begins again!

What is the solution? 


You have purchased the membership/programme/app/plan etc. but no one keeps you in check! Before long, you have lost interest in your goal and the methods of reaching it! You return to your comfortable life and forget you ever tried.

I am suggesting that you swap easiness for effectiveness. 


weight exercises and exercise ball training


Gyms literally bank on the fact that you won’t turn up. An individual facility needs around X10 as many sign ups as it can physically hold to create profit. Paying to support an environment that profits from your failure is the worst incentive to train. 

If the gym doesn’t believe in you – how can you believe in yourself?

The key to consistency is staying accountable.



Stop justifying why you won’t exercise! We are all busy. There is no excuse. Exercise positively impacts the activities you perform during the day. A healthy training routine makes everything feel a little more manageable.

So how do you become accountable? 

  • Be adaptable – Particularly annoyed or particularly pleased? Excellent excuse to train!
  • Be specific – Why do you want to get fit? What is it you want to be doing to achieve fitness?
  • Highlight your goal – Make it impossible to ignore on a daily basis.
  • Do not work alone. – A support system will ensure you have people other than yourself to fall back on. Join a group. 

(The power of teamwork!)

This is why people are joining our Group training programmes at 4 Core fitness.



After our clients successfully complete their trial – we hold them accountable. 

In this way, they construct habits that ensure they keep their results. 

We keep it simple and take care of the planning so all you have to do is turn up and work hard. 

A combination of focus, good diet, mobility, conditioning and strengthening are essential for success.

But it is up to you how many of these principles you take into account during your training. 

We remove the confusion and struggle of gym life by allocating you a knowledgeable fitness professional so assist you during your training. 

Even our online training system ensures you stay accountable. There is always a reliable face to converse with. We are available to answer questions and provide tips and assistance when you need us most.

So if you are happy to be part of the 1 in 7 with a gym membership hanging over their head… our Group personal training trial offer probably isn’t suited to you. 

But if you’re serious about making positive change within your health and fitness, and you’ve not already signed up to our 4 week trial offer- Click here so you can stop wasting valuable time and money on things that don’t get finished. 


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