Stop compensating bad diet for physical activity

A new year begs the question, what will I achieve this year? How? Regardless of your end-goal, focusing on self care is an essential element in getting you there.

The Christmas period is based around food. Leftovers and sweets are readily available at every turn… It seems there is no way to take back your dietary-sins. The process of getting fit starts with understanding what you’re dealing with in terms of body fat and the process of burning it off.

What is a calorie?

Unfortunately, I cannot show you a picture. Calories cannot be seen… They are units of energy in the same way a metre is a unit of measurement. Calories are found in anything that can be burned. For example in food or petrol. When a human eats calories, the body can either:

use them for fuel to perform tasks right away


store them to use another time.

Unused calories begin storing as fat a few hours from the start of a meal. So, “Burning off those two-slices of pizza at the gym tomorrow” is a myth. Even if you attempted too, it would cost you a 43 minute treadmill run.

Throughout the day, calories are continuously being stored as fat and fat is continuously being transformed into energy. You cannot determine how the body reacts to a calorie intake or when it will burn. This is why a structured meal plan is ideal. Meal plans are designed to ensure you receive the correct amounts of important food groups. By providing your body with the necessary ingredients to function like clock-work, you regulate the bodies reaction to calories among other nutrients and begin to use them efficiently. At a healthy weight, the body no longer over-works to store or burn fat meaning it can focus on more important things.



The first 1,000 calories or so consumed act as Glycogen. Glycogen goes to the liver, muscles and fat cells as immediate energy reserves and to ensure blood sugar is kept levelled. The remainder calories are stored as fat to use at a later time. Over-eating calories causes fat stores to enlarge, resulting in fat gain.

Have you experienced training not translating into fat loss? This could be because your training routine is not suited to your needs (please get in touch if you think this is the case) or because of your calorie intake. We need calories so that we can perform tasks. But are UK citizens performing enough tasks to stay fit?

The NHS website says: Most people in the UK eat and drink too many calories, too much fat, sugar and salt, and not enough fruit, vegetables, oily fish or fibre.

Creating a harmonious diet and exercise routine will help you achieve in 2019. Try to burn more calories than you take in – but not just once or twice a week! The key to a good diet is consistency. If you consume less calories alone without a fitness plan, your body will counteract this decision by using less calories to perform tasks. So how can you win? You must regulate a good diet complimented with an exercise plan to ensure you receive results and make the most of your time and efforts. Change up your daily routine and spin your body on a new axis!


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