4 Core fitness’s 4 workout essentials! 

Our training methods are carefully designed to refresh and engage muscles, improve flexibility and address any longstanding or new movement issues whilst giving an all-over fat busting workout.

There are many basic things you can do at home to aid your progress… below are 4 Core fitness’s 4 workout essentials!

1. Sleep to aid recovery.

Non-REM sleep occurs when the brain is at resting point and doesn’t need as much blood flow as it would when working at full capacity. During this time, blood flows freely to muscles to provide nutrients and oxygen needed to rebuild muscle fibres broken during exercise. Without sleep, muscles can’t repair as easily and your workouts are – you guessed it – less effective.


2. Drink a minimum 2.5 litres of water per day.

Both inside and outside the gym you should be consuming water. In one hour of exercise the body can loose more than a quarter of its water. The many signs of dehydration – fatigue, headaches, lack of focus, dark urine etc are suggestions that the process of dehydration is already well underway rather than just beginning. Carry a water bottle to keep track of how much water you consume daily.


3. Eat a diet to compliment your training.

What does your body do with the food it consumes?

Check out our recent blog post covering this… 


4. Stretch properly.

The point of exercising is to break down muscle fibres in order for them to repair stronger and thicker. Fibres break more throughly when stretching. This results in a more worthwhile workout and stronger bonded muscle fibres. Stretching is one of the most major workout elements missed. For a free stretching guide, contact us.



Our service provides you with education as well as physical instruction, regardless of whether you are using our 4 Core fitness group services or the 4 Core fitness online training platform. Joining us ensures you never use an excuse not to train. We produce well-rounded, focused individuals. You can access our services in many locations across Bristol or virtually – anywhere, anytime. Receiving support from a knowledgeable trainer has never been so simple.


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