3 Reasons your cooperation needs physical health solutions

I have been thinking about wellness recently.

People perform amazingly when they feel good. Fact. But for some reason, More often than not, we would rather indulge in unhealthy foods and practises to release endorphins instead of giving our bodies some well deserved TLC.

One of the reasons I started group PT with 4Core fitness was because I had already used my main energy tank and my reserve energy tank whilst performing at work and university. So-much-so that by the end of the day, I did not have any energy left for myself. When it came to fitness, I knew I needed guidance and support so that I could still focus my energy where it was demanded of me.

This helping hand not only improved my fitness, co-ordination, well-being, attitude and sprit… it enabled me to manage stress and raise my performance within my working life. Below I have listed 3 reasons why you should consider bringing physical health solutions into your cooperation and why it’s a no-brainer!


1. To deal with stress

There are many ways in which people deal with stress. Ranging between overeating to abusing alcohol and drugs. Work related stress has climbed to its highest rate in 16 years according to statistics published by the HSE in 2017. 1.3 billon working people are suffering from a work related illness in the UK and a reported 31.2 million working days have been lost due to work-related illnesses and workplace injury.

2. To cope in an over-connected world

We are now living in an over-connected world. Stress manifests itself in our impending deadlines, our 24/7 ‘always on, keep up’ mentality alongside the need for down-time and personal care. Long term stress generates serious health issues such as stokes, obesity, diabetes, heart disease. Safeguard against these conditions by putting caring health professionals in place to assess the needs of your employees.

3. To create a strong workforce

Employers pride themselves on a strong workforce. This concept is pretty simple. Positive and healthy employees give companies the extra accommodating edge that is needed in 2018’s sea of businesses. Standing out from the crowd and having a nourishing reputation is essential for modern business owners if they want their companies to excel and their employees to flourish.

Group pt sessions bristol

At 4Core, we offer intelligent companies a corporate wellness solution for their employees. We have a selection of bespoke services aimed to suit a range of big and small business. Alongside face-to-face training in groups or as individuals, some of our most effective instruction is now carried out through our 4Core online training system.

Our clever online education system elevates stress by not restricting the user to set and timed training hours. Building connections between your employees and physical health professionals ensures that they can always access the necessary guidance needed to perform well and dodge stress and illness in the workplace. The benefits of keeping your employee community healthy leads to improved productivity and solid team building.

Information about our corporate wellness online training is found here.

Information about our 1:1 and group training is found here.

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