4 Spring training ideas. – Using those extra hours of sunlight effectively.

The snow has finally melted and the sun is starting to appear. Get a new playlist, venture outside and train in the beautiful, blooming Spring surroundings!

Al fresco medicine ball training.
Medicine ball training is already so versatile, cost effective and simple to understand. That is why we base our business on this method! Boost this workout and make the most of the longer Spring days by taking your usual training routine outside. The fresh air helps digestion, improves blood pressure and heart rate whilst also improving your mental state and cleaning our your lungs.

4 Core online training can be put into practise just about anywhere!
This is the ultimate body workout designed for those who don’t have the time to spend with a trainer! The step-by-step guide with accompanying videos is easy to follow regardless of your fitness level. Work out from the comfort of your own home and learn invaluable information about your body and how it moves!

Change your usual routine.
Mix things up. Enhance your workout by jogging to an alternative training session in a different location. We currently have group PT running in three different locations across Bristol (Longwell Green BS30 7DA, Powersports BS6 6LE and Workout Harbourside BS14SB)

A childhood classic that requires only a rope! This fast calorie burning workout can be incorporated into a circuit routine or practised at free-will!

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