Running for your life! 4Core fitness hack.

Millions of years ago, the first humans in existence experienced exercise in a very different way to the training exercises we experience today!

Early humans were faced with life or death situations that forced them to quite literally ‘run for their lives’.

Survival in the wild makes huge physical demands on the body. Overcoming obstacles, defending yourself and avoiding threats meant that humans had to learn how to run, jump, crawl, duck, lift, carry, throw, fight, lunge, squat, reach, roll, push, press and slam pretty quickly! This is exercise in its rawest form.

The modern fitness industry

Thankfully, calorie counting and the latest gym outfit was not a priority for humans in those days. The fitness industry currently makes millions from persuading gym-goers that their workout will be enhanced once they own the latest fitness accessories. Whilst most of us are aware we do not need, no VPL pants or a £25 water bottle, our materialistic needs kick in and we adhere to the multi-million dollar fitness industry distortion.

My only purchases whilst I have trained over the past 3 years have been flat soled trainers (to keep my weight balanced whilst I weight train) and multiple pairs of the same 3/4 length plain black gym leggings. In my opinion – you are not meant to look good whist training and if you do, you probably aren’t training hard enough!

Natural development has enabled humans to exercise at leisure rather than to survive. This has caused us to become lazy! Historically, humans did not become physically strong by attending weekly pilates classes with the girls. The foundation for our strength was laid by early humans who put in the hard work by foraging for every meal.

With all that said, huge advancements in physical education have been made in our society and we currently know more about how the body moves and works than ever! It would be silly to not use this knowledge to our advantage…

Training exercises at 4 Core Fitness

So, we created 4 Core fitness. Our training doesn’t rely on fancy and expensive equipment – just a simple weighted ball. We use a combination of modern knowledge and techniques paired with a classic training system dating back to 3,000 years ago that is real-world based.

medicine ball training

Rather than spending money on a new gym kit… spend it on gaining invaluable knowledge about your body and how to effectively train it – cave man style!

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