Finish what you start


Top tips for why and how you can finish a workout, routine or journey.

For many of us, taking the first steps towards beginning to exercise can be daunting task. Mentally preparing yourself to get fit is a big decision to comprehend. It takes some serious effort and commitment to stay consistent in your weekly routine.

You may feel as though you are not getting the desired results or other elements are life are making it difficult to keep up. Very quickly, our body goals readjust and we lose our vision. It takes a lot of mental energy to commit to a workout and much more to maintain it! Whilst consistency is key, we all lead such busy lives and therefore, often it is difficult to find time for exercise and finish what we have started.

Our group PT programme is held by our knowledgable trainers, multiple times a week in several locations and attracts people from all walks of life who are interested in training hard within a supportive, like-minded group. It is easier to finish a task when you have people who are willing to help you do it.

How can I ensure I always finish what I start?

Balance your energy and time wisely. – Stay realistic. Food should compliment your training. Drink lots of water. Sleep at least 7 hours and get a planner to write down your planned training times. This will avoid any accidental double bookings or dizzy gym sessions. Do not underestimate the power of self care!

Is the training suitable? – A suitable training system should always be within your means. If you do not have the correct equipment or money for current or future necessary equipment the activity is not suitable for you. Whilst you are in our group PT programme, we provide a wide range of high end equipment (and a trainer to teach you how to use it).

Be selective in what you train in – Some exercises/routines/gyms/trainers will suit your lifestyle and available time frame better than others. Never spend time on something you cannot fully commit to, or do not see yourself finishing. Our Group PT sessions run frequently throughout the week in different locations across Bristol. The timetable link is at the bottom of this post.

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