Exercise should never originate from negativity

There has been an increase in online fitness promotion through the use of beautiful, toned ‘influencers’. Influencers are people who appear to lead successful and fulfilled lives. They often travel all over the world and use particular products and services that they have been paid to promote.

Why is influencer culture bad for body image?

The sad reality of these influencers is that often they don’t use the gym or the products that they promote. Many of these people were born naturally skinny and are simply cashing in on their genes!

Seeing these beautiful people living the ‘ultimate dream life’ creates a false sense of reality for others. We compare ourselves to these online influencers and wonder,

1. Why am I so unfit/bad looking/unhealthy/unhappy?
2. How can I become relevant? A thigh gap? Visible ribcage? A bikini bridge? (Instagram terms, if you don’t know… it’s probably a good thing)

The benefits of exercising

There are so many benefits to exercising! Whilst weight loss is the most commonly known, what else will it aid? Check out our list of 35 reasons to exercise.

For the record, you can look good at a range of weights! Your focus should be on toning up and eating healthily. Being stick thin is not everyone’s natural ‘healthy’ look. For example, Plus size model Iskra looks absolutely amazing and spends lots of time in the gym toning and eating correctly.

Below I have featured a photograph from her instagram. The image shows a skinnier Iskra from 10 years ago and then a more recent photo.


The aim of her post is to highlight that people should never try and live up to someone else’s standard of health or looks. Decide to get fit because of self-love rather than guilt or lack of self approval.

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