In case you needed a reason to workout today – here are 35.


You don’t need a reason to workout but here are a bunch of reasons why you should anyway!

1. Learn quicker with increased brain function
2. Endorphine boost
1. Develop your body image
2. Build self esteem
3. Benefits addiction control
4. Hormone balance
5. Strength build up
6. Reforms respiratory health
7. Natural boost in libido drive
8. Regain body balance and better coordination
9. healthy eating inspo
10. Increases pain resistance
11. Sweating removes toxins from the body
12. Improvement of short term memory
13. Reduces stress
14. Injuries heal faster
15. Reduces anxiety
16. Gym acts as a personal refuge
17. Promotes a positive mental attitude
18. Enhances creative thinking
19. Effective depression antidote
20. You become a role model to those around you
21. Cheeper and more enjoyable than therapy
22. Aids consistant sleeping patterns
23. Heightened blood oxygen levels generate radiant skin
24. Confidence booster
25. Prevents major diseases like cancer, strokes and dementia.
26. Decreases resting heart rate (Between 60-100 is normal for adult)
27. Joint mobility and flexibility increase
28. Burns fatty tissue
29. Combats procrastination
30. Assists good blood circulation
31. Potentially increases your life expectancy (by up to 5 years)
32. Improves your resilience by taking you out of your comport zone
33. Fresh air improves immune system and cleans lungs
34. Energy increase
35. Social aspect, meet people with similar goals

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