Cheaper alternative to 1:1 PT

Humans spend their days making decisions.

What time will wake up?
What will I wear, eat, drink, say?

According to thinkingbusinessblog, the average adult makes a whopping  35,000 decision per day! After our daily chores, many people drag themselves to the gym with hope that they execute each exercise correctly. The gym can be off putting if you don’t understand how the body works.

A new wave of training preference is Group Personal Training. Within Group PT, an experienced trainer technically instructs a small group of people. This allows you to concentrate on more important aspects of your workout such as breathing and altering your body position to engage more muscle groups, thus making a more effective workout! So often people lose track of how many reps they have done! I guess it’s all part of getting in the ‘Zone’.

Whilst taking some time out from Bristol and my usual training with Tom, I have been attending fitness classes at a top UK gym in London (just happens to be my local) that focus on problem areas of the body such as stomach, legs and bum along other classes like weight lifting (my favourite) and Yoga. I have attempted spinning, however, my performance was so awful, I’m pretending it simply did not happened.

I am aware that many people pay money for low-quality trainers that train recklessly, (Eg. 100 squats as fast as you can) but nothing could prepare me to see dangerous training on this level.

The initial shock regarding absence of class introduction was quickly surpassed by the lack of instruction and general attention towards the correct posture, for example in weight lifting. Incorrect posture when lifting weights will cause extreme pressure to your spine and potentially a slipped disk! Treatment for this kind of injury will be expensive and even with treatment, this will potentially cause injury and discomfort for the remainder of your life!

The minimal pointers on safety and technique given alongside a blaring sound track could only be heard by those with super sensitive hearing. The overpacked class was led by a large male with a completely different physical capacity to anyone in the class. Instruction and guidance on size weights appropriate to my body weight and physique was sadly lacking. Choosing a suitable weight was likened to a free-for-all in Sports Direct on Black Friday. Not a pretty sight!

Weight repetitions were executed too fast and too quickly with inadequate time to rest. This class did not advertise for ‘beginners’ or ‘experienced’. Beginners should always perform slow repetitions to work on their form and enable better control. Technique is key.

I am 100% certain there was not one person who both successfully and correctly completed any sequence. Rapid repetitions have benefits in terms of body building but this most definitely comes hand in hand with a pulled muscle if not executed correctly. I ponder on the aftermath of the class attendees being let loose alone in the gym! With no adequate training on things as basic as simply lifting a weight from the ground, I cringed whenever the instructor requested we do so.

At one point, my friend who I attended the class alongside, was jumping back and forth off a block so quickly, that much to my delight, she catapulted herself across the room.

The aim of this article is not to name and shame but to point out that getting a trainer who genuinely cares about your

-personal safety
-pervious injuries

The slightest change of posture can alter your workout entirely meaning that the muscles harder and bring greater benefit to you in a shorter space of time.

Thinking back, I can remember practising a simple exercise with the guidance of Tom.

Sit on a bench whilst holding a medicine ball and repetitively stand up using only one leg.

The intensity of the exercise can be suddenly increased when you lean forward.

The easiest exercises are often the ones we enjoy most and are also the ones that may not be challenging enough. Without instruction and on auto-pilot, humans will always take the easiest option. By training with a knowledgeable instructor, you train more effectively! I cut the expense and frequency of my sessions and end up with amazing results every time. No injuries and most importantly, I have learned to train independently and I am confident enough to do so (something I thought I would never hear myself say).

For optimum results, I would always recommend a knowledgeable personal trainer. I appreciate it’s expensive but the long term benefits are priceless. 4 Core Fitness releases spaces every so often on a Group PT programme. This significantly reduces the cost of training with a qualified trainer yet produces the same tailored results!

The benefits of group work are very appealing. It is often more entertaining to work towards a fitness goal in a small group. The friendships I have developed with some of the other inspirational attendees and the ‘family vibe’ that runs through 4 Core Fitness ensures that you never feel as though you’re working towards your fitness goal alone!

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