Gym membership or Group PT?


The fitness industry can be confusing at times. Companies continuously pitch deceiving low cost, ‘quick fix’ campaigns making it not always obvious who…

A. is worth the money.

B. cares about your well be-ing.

C. is proficiently trained.

Over the top campaigns offering 24/7 access often don’t provide clients with the care and respect they deserve! It is rare that training plans and guidance are offered. Clients are just paycheques to these big companies. Interestingly, lots of out past cliental are X-gym goers!

4Core provides a a safe, supportive platform for you to train. All out sessions are held within a small group under the guidance of a well-trained professional within the 4Core family.

Our group PT sessions will teach you essential knowledge that all gym goers should be aware of! Correctly executing exercises gives you quicker results and ensures that you pay less for the time you train! Imagine walking into a gym confident enough to train independently!

Avoid pricy gym joining fees and subsequent termination fees. Train with the precise and genuinely passionate team at 4Core.

Get in touch now via the link below and re-gain personal power.

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