Perform better in your sport with 4 Core Fitness

I have seen the fitness industry change. Trainers often squeeze more training into less time, with little technique! At ProTom Fitness, we realise that a solid training foundation is essential. We would go as far as comparing it to fuelling your body with nutritious food for optimum performance. 

I have had the pleasure of meeting many established athletes with great achievements yet faulty movement patterns. The achievements are amazing but taking care of your body should always be the number one priority. (It’s no use having your hospital bed surrounded by trophies.)

ProTom Fitness helps athletes perform better and achieve more. We teach you to train effectively and safely so that you can avoid any potential injury. 

In this video I explain how the 4 Core Fitness programme has delivered brilliant results to our clients by synchronising their extremities through their core, thus creating one functional unit!




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